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It’s two years on, and there are changes in the air for Thomas and Andrew. Another Day is a sequel to The worst Day. Read Another Day.


Alex is profoundly deaf. His early years have been spent in a silent world with few friends. His father retires and the family moves to a lighthouse near a small country town. The first day of the summer holidays brings a new friend… and a new life for Alex. Read No More Loneliness.


It’s Thomas’s tenth birthday. It starts badly… then a mysterious stranger brings good news. The Worst Day was written to commemorate the tenth anniversary of and appears here courtesy of The Dude. Read The Worst Day.


A collection of poems from 1970 to 1972, mostly written during a six-month stay in hospital following a car accident. Read them here.


Michael is a typical teenager living in an Australian country town. He has a loving family and cool friends, and is doing well at school. Then he suffers a major trauma.

Black Dog is the story of his journey inwards in the aftermath of this life-changing event.

double opening quotesI'd never felt so frustrated in my life. I was learning to ride my first bike, a Christmas gift the year I turned six. I'd been on tenterhooks for days. We had spent Christmas and New Year with my grandparents. It was bad enough that I had to wait until we came home before I could properly try out my new transport; it was even worse that I couldn't get the hang of riding the thing. Why was it so hard to stay on it? I picked myself up off the lawn after yet another fall and stood the bike up again, looking around to see if Dad was coming back yet. He had been coaching me when he'd been called to the phone, and left me to keep trying. I got back on and tried again. I was concentrating hard on keeping upright and didn't notice the young boy watching me from the footpath. I lost my balance; my foot caught in the chain and I yelled in pain as I hit the ground and the bike landed on top of me. Blinking back tears I tried to get my foot out, but in my haste I wasn't thinking straight and only made the pain worse. Then a voice behind me said, 'Here, lie still and I'll help you.'

A few moments later the bike and I were separated, and I was rubbing my foot where the chain had left a deep imprint. 'Thanks,' I said, as I looked up at the other boy. 'Who are you?'
double closing quotes

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